YET: lots of ex-Rep insiders step forward with a statement: we're on the wrong track

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I heard about this before, but it seems that a whole buncha folks, many of them ex-insiders for Republican administrations, are coming out with a formal statement which says that we are, under this administration, on a terribly wrong track.

one ARTICLE among others that I have seen

from this article:

"We are on the wrong track, and we need a fundamental change," she said.

Among the signers were William Harrop, who was appointed ambassador to Israel by former President Bush in 1991, and retired Adm. William Crowe Jr., chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1985 to 1989.

Oakley said the group's members are senior, former government officials who "have spent their lives working to erect the stature and posture of the U.S. as a leader in the world ... and we simply see that edifice crumbling." [ . . . ]

"We're all career [public] servants who have never taken a political stand," she said, " ... [but] what we want to get on record is our profound concern about the future security of the U.S."

I don't seem to remeber such a long list of once party affiliated people speaking out against Clinton . . . or Reagan, or Carter, Or Ford?

What with the long list of high profile insiders, and then the Scientists and Nobel Laureates, and this list, as well as ex-CIA translator and Pentagon folks . . . wow its a long list . . . and seems to be growing daily . . .

Makes you kinda wonder . . . \

but then it just makes you mad


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