9-11 and Iraq.

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No links between 9-11 and Iraq:



Saddam told bin Laden and al Qaeda to take a hike:


Bush and Cheney are still maintaining their original assertion, but have not come up with evidence supporting this claim:



Two stories, 180º apart. Who's lying here, and why isn't the media taking anyone to task here?


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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    The problem is is that this simply won't register for a large percentage of people.

    it won't get enough air time, it simply will be put on the pile as something NOT to look at . . . perhaps even discardedas being from biased sources . .


    'Because Saddam just Had to! He just had to!! We know he was behind it . . . because . . . well . . . because!!'
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    The really sad thing is that even if Bush were to have a press conference noone would even ask him tough questions like that.
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