Watch Steve's Euro iTMS Launch...

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You can now watch Steve's launch of iTMS UK/France/Germany

on QuickTime:'s my review :-) :

Unfortunately the attendees were so reserved, that it wasn't as exciting to watch compared to most of Steve's past keynotes or media events. What is wrong with that audience?! I've also been to concerts in England as I love to travel and I can say that the audiences I experienced were also noticeably more reserved than they are here and in many other countries. Some might say that it's being polite, but if I were a performer or a speaker I would be seriously dissappointed with the lack of energy and enthusiasm from the crowd. Steve was full of his usual charisma, too! Don't get me last name is Harrison and I obviously have English blood in me...probably related to George somehow as my grandfather is from Liverpool! Even Alicia Keys was having a hard time getting the crowd going! I've never seen a performer have to try so hard to get a response from a crowd. She did manage to get some signs of life from them, but it was like pulling teeth from them and her performance was brilliant!

Anyway, hats off to Steve and to Alicia with the first introductions of iTunes for Europe...this is only the beginning! It's no small feat to cut through the legal red tape to offer such a great service and Apple has the skills and talent and motivation to build this into something quite extraordinary as more and more of the legalities are smoothed out.

I have to say tho...Boos and hisses the Beatles did not to go with Apple right away. Their case against Apple Computers is such a waste of time. Get over the "Apple" name infringement thing...what's wrong with "Apple and Apple present...the Beatles!" The two different apple logos would look so cool together! You would think that Paul and Ringo would want the best possible online representation of their catalog and for it to be handled with the most respect and fairness. Apple (Computers) is sincerely the one and only company that can do this in the best possible manner with the most integrity and creativeness. I will definitely go with (Steve's) Apple when I am ready to release my music!!!

I hope as time goes on new features are added, like IMPORTS from different countries. I love experiencing music from other countries and hearing their talent.

Don't worry Canada and all the other major music markets...iTMS will eventually come your way takes a lot of time to put something of this magnitude together and with as much grace as Apple be will be worth the wait! One of the things I like best about iTunes Music Store is that it's easy to stay on top of what is coming out each week on New Music Tuesdays...and the previews before you shop...whether that's online or in your local record store are GREAT! I also love the exclusives. It's just a really fun way to discover new music and re-discover your old favorites.
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