Quiet ATA drives?

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Anyone have any recommendations?

So far I've been pointed towards the Seagate Barracuda IVs and the Western Digital Caviar lines... but I'm not exactly looking at spending a truckload of money. (I'm in the market for 3 80GB drives that I'll pop into a B/W G3 and two FireWire enclosures.) Any other fluid bearing drives out there besides these?

My Quantum FireBall is loud enough to be heard two rooms away.

I'm not looking for killer speed, since I currently have zero methods for working with video.

D'oh, this probably should have gone into Genius Bar.

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    mcqmcq Posts: 1,543member
    From what I've read, the Barracuda IV's are extremely quiet drives. You can get them at <a href="http://www.newegg.com"; target="_blank">http://www.newegg.com</a>; for $103 each. I'm not sure about the Caviar drives, they're supposed to be very fast but no clue about how loud they are.
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    agreed. and to the Genius Bar it goes....
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