FCP HD problem

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I recently bought a second 160Gb HDD for my Mac and decided to set up a RAID 0 array with the original drive to try and gain some speed when using FCP HD. Needless to say this required a format of the system drive....

SOOOooo after spending two days backing all my data onto a (hardly used since the purchase of my G5) PC I took the plunge and formatted the drive, set up a RAID 0 array and reinstalled OS X.

Unfortunately when I have reinstalled FCP HD the "Digital Cinema Desktop" option that I used to use to preview my work on a TV via SVHS from the Radeon 9800 Pro is no longer there

Apples support forums say that this option has disappeared for PCI cards and remains only for AGP cards but I can't find it anywhere since the format/reinstall. I've tried trashing the FCP prefs and restarting to no effect.

Does anyone have any ideas where it has gone?




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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    just take out the RAID. FCP on a new G5 doesnt need any real performance boosts, especially at the cost of reliability and tech problems.
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    Thanks for the advice but that doesn't really help as I've just spent the last week backing up nearly 100gigs of data and then re-transferring it to the G5

    Does no-one have any idea where this option could have disappeared to?
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