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Hey y'all. A couple raid questions for you.

[1] I know that on newer machines, even though software raid is not the best performing solution, it is still a $0 solution so the performance improvements are worth it. But If I use os x's software raid on my g3 350, doing raid 1, is there going to be a lot of CPU overhead, so that the overall performance might actually decrease?

[2] If I run software raid 1 on the same idea channel, one master and one slave, is there going to be any read performance improvement? Might the performance actually degrade when compared to a non raid setup? Obviously redundancy is my priority here, but if the read performance is going to go down instead of up then i need to find a better solution.




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    Bottom line is if you put both drives on the same cable and you are only running a 2 disk raid, the the max you can achieve is that of the connection. So I am unsure on your machine if its ULTRA 33 or 66, I know on my g4 dual it was 66 so maybe 33 on yours. Anyways that means that the max performance would be 33MB/s in theory. SO if you are putting a drive that might be 30MB/s then I dont think it's worth it cause the bus cant handle anymore. But to do it on 2 seperate cables that would be fine.

    As far as the usage of the CPU, I ran a scsi raid before on a G3 witha pci card and had no problem but you are wondering about software raid??hmmmmm will you be doing anything else with the G3 or is it basicly going to act as an external raid for other units? If thats the case then I would say it's worth converting into an external raid.

    Hope this helps

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