USB CD Burner Working with iTunes

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hey all. I'm trying to help a friend with a 333 Mhz original model iMac running 10.2.8 to get iTunes to recognize a USB CD burner she got. It came with some software that claims that it supports iTunes burning but and it says to disable the Authoring Support though it doesn't tell how. The burner is an Iomega CD-RW 52x/DVD-ROM combo USB 2.0 External drive. Burning data and supposedly audio works with the bundled software but my friend wants to use iTunes (who doesn't lol). Can any1 help?


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    should be able to just plug it in anad use it .... that's how it goes with my LaCie.
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    i just got the new LaCie DVD - CD burner and when i hooked it to my iMac (400 MHz running 10.3.4) and iPhoto recognizes it, iMovie recognizes it. but iTunes does not, i get a message that says disc burner or software not found.

    i haven't gone through the manual yet (i've been using it with my iBook burning movies)

    but since the subject came up..........
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