How about a new iApp named iSecure?

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Security is a big focus for families. I just spoke to a friend who spent money on Net Nanny to protect her kids from objectionable material. She never did get it working and has stopped trying. But that go me thinking. The fear that families feel about the dangers of the Internet are real. A secure platform is something that will tip the scales in the favor of those who make it easy. Thus Apple's next iApp should be iSecure. Here's what it would do.

1. The iSecure Server would be based on Apple Remote Desktop and support a maximum of 5 clients. It would only screen share one client screen at a time.

2. It would support software distribution. Software Update on the client machines would be disabled.

3. It would support the Kidsafe technology that Apple originally announced with iTools.

4. It would keep logs on sites visted by the clients that set off triggers looking for objectionable content.

5. Internet access would be able to be blocked on any of the clients at any time or for timed intervals.

This app wouldn't be complex. It's UI easy to use configure and learn. However it would speak volumes about Apples committment to security and keeping families safe. Perhaps they would add plugin technology for virus scan and other features. This product can be easily marketed

Problem: Familes feel less secure about computing and the internet because of spyware, trojans and viruses and the persistence of pornographic material.

Solution: iSecure. Monitor, distribute updates and protect your kids and computer. Included with every Mac and supports your next 5 macs

This would go over like gangbusters. People would beg for an app like this for windows but Apple would keep this baby Mac only.


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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    add popup and banner ad filtering/blocking and you have an iApp


    This would go over like gangbusters. People would beg for an app like this for windows but Apple would keep this baby Mac only.

    untill the iSecure store opens for business
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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    Bad name.

    Security is a process, not technology. Security can't be sold in a package. "Secure" in an application name is a bad sign, equivalent to naming a line of foodstuffs "SafeToEat". IMHO Apple should act to keep the whole platform (OS X) secure, and should do it with free upgrades.

    Selling an iFilter, why not.

    Popup filtering and ad blocking is starting to be standard fare in browsers already. This won't be a huge selling point I think.
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,310member
    No pop ups are handled easily by browers and other apps. iSecure doesn't have to be the name but whatever name is chosen must embody feelings of safety. Parents can take solace in the fact that television programming follows strict guidelines. The Internet has no guidelines. If your child goes to and not they will be in for a nasty suprise. This must not continue.

    I tell you this feature would just "kill" on the sales floor. I can just see a family straddling the fence on the infamous Mac vs PC decision. The child is pushing PC so he can run games. The parents want good educational features. They can't make up their mind so the salesperson drops the whammy. Shows the parents the control they have with "iSecure" they fall in love with the idea on the spot. Mac is purchased...child is pissed but parents feel good about the purchase and Apple putting control back into their hands.

    You don't know marketing if you can't market a product like this. And trust, the effort involved is much less than what iMovie and iDVD must have taken.
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