Adobe's Secret Shame : InDesign CS incompatibilities

in Mac Software edited January 2014
A friend of mine has moved to another company but is still finishing up some projects she'd started before the move. At her new company she's working in Adobe InDesign CS and this past week we discovered that CS cannot backsave files into a format that can be opened by 2.0 DESPITE Adobe's packaged documentation stating that this is possible.

Here's a VERY important note from that Technote:

Note: As the InDesign platform has evolved and matured, gaining backwards compatibility with InDesign 2.0 proved to be extremely difficult. Originally, our goal was to provide this functionality through the InDesign Interchange format, as explained in the InDesign CS User Guide and InDesign Help. Regrettably, this was not possible for technical reasons, and this information should be disregarded. Adobe understands that this is not an ideal situation, and we are looking at ways to provide this functionality in future versions of InDesign.

So, if you think that the InDesign Interchange format (extension is ".inx") is real, you have a nasty surprise waiting for you.
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