iBook Power cable with a Powerbook

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I seem to remember reading somewhere that while you cannot use a powerbook power cord with an iBook, you CAN use an iBook power cord with a powerbook, but it will charge slower than if you used the powerbook cable.

the reason I'm asking is because there is an iBook cable sitting around in perfectly good condition while my powerbook cable is hanging by a thread, barely works, and needs to be repaired.

so what's the scoop?


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    >_>>_> Posts: 336member
    My 800g3 iBook powercord keeps my 1.5 17" powerbook powered, but will not charge it. =P

    - Xidius
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    mike peelmike peel Posts: 185member
    Methinks that the power adaptors for the PowerBook G4's and iBook G4's is the same... Apple's site says "Only compatible with the Titanium PowerBook G4 or dual-USB iBook with 500MHz G3 processor or higher." for the 65W adaptor.

    I know they're the same across powerbooks (I think I accidentally sold my AluBook's adaptor with my TiBook, and am still using the Ti's adaptor), but have never tried with an iBook...

    Why not try and see? Check and see the wattage first, though - if it's lower than 65 Watts, it may cause something like you are describing.
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