IE for windows screwing up simple webpage

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Well, I'm writing a webpage, and want to use a bunch of small graphics for the navigation down the left side of the page. It works great in all browsers except IE for windows. IE for windows puts a small white strip below each graphic in the table (all the graphics are supposed to touch each other with no spaces) which completely destroys the format of the page.

The first link is the template I'm making for the site, the second is a scaled down version of what is causing the problem in IE. Has anyone run into this problem before, and is there just something I've missed or some workaround?

And let me know if other browsers show the page incorrectly, it seems to work on everything else, though.

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    enderender Posts: 353member
    update: page works now, even in IE on windows. turns out IE was putting an extra line below the images because the </TD> after my image tag was on the next line down... moved the </TD> up a line and all was good again.

    Need to go learn css one of these days...

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