PowerBook G4 12" Rev A now makes buzzing sound...should I be worried!

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
It sounds like my fan is hitting something or the hard drive is being weird because when it's quiet in the room I can hear a buzzing sound coming from my machine which is constant, and stops every now and then for a bit randomly. Anyone else getting this? Needless to say I'm backing things up. Also my external hard drive makes weird sounds, this isn't new, but the sounds it makes are godawful! It powers up, then powers down a lot, and turning it off and on usually fixes it but it's getting worse. I don't know if it's the drive (a 120 gig Maxtor) or the cheapo case. Sometimes it starts making these REALLY loud twanging sounds, like it's going to blow up. But so far all data is intact and powering it down/up seems to fix it. Again, how worried should I be! I'm backing that guy up too.
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