Intel 915/925 chipset is a yawner

in General Discussion edited January 2014
No tangible speed increase

Hahaha what a riot. I've always said that these new technologies look great on paper. If life was all about theoretical speeds we'd all be happy. What we have here are fast busses but the same old slower devices. This equals little actual speed increase.


It was hard to resist being glib and titling this article, "Much Ado about Very Little". That feeling of disappointment comes from seeing so much new technology introduced all at once, and then finding out the real performance benefit is extremely small - if it exists at all. If Intel wants us to turn our computer world upside down, there should be a real tangible benefit to the bucks we are expected to spend. Unfortunately, that performance advantage is pretty hard to find - at least for now. There are certainly a few gems in the total package, but if you're looking for a big performance advantage, overall, it just isn't there.



Comparing a fast current 875 system with a 3.2 Northwood to a comparable 925X with a 3.2 Prescott, Winstones, PCMark 2004, and Media Encoding all show only about a 1% performance advantage to the 925X with all the new technology.

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