transfering files

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hello we just bought a new 15" powerbook g4 switching over from a PC.... finnaly is all i have to say... anyways there are still many photos we have on the PC that we need on the mac.... i know i could burn CD's of them and then transfer to the apple but there are way (over 2000ish photos) to do the CD method... (also photos are all jpeg so there should not be many problems) but what i was wondering was is there a way to transfer the files with a USB cable or firewire anything that i can set up and come back several hours later with the transfer finished.... also

1. the PC currently does NOT have an internet connection... but may be able to set one up(DSL) if needed

2. the only things we really need to transfer are photos and some word documents

3. i am willing to do internet transfers but would rather use a cable or some other direct connection between the two computers




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