External FW400 drive got hosed. Make that two of them.

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350MHz B/W G3 Rev A.

MacOS X 10.3.4 with all latest updates.

Two OWC Mercury FW400 external drive cases around two WD80GB drives.

Each drive plugged into an on-mobo FW400 port

I came home last Friday to the server utterly hung - couldn't ssh in even.

Reboot... via the reset switch. Nothing else worked.

Hangs on 'Waiting for local disks'. Turn off drives, restart. All okay. Turn on drive 1. Okay. Turn on drive 2. Hang.

Remove drive 2, plug into PowerBook G4. Hang.

Unplug, reboot into single user, fsck... drive damage *on the boot drive*. Grr. Repair. Shutdown. Try again.

All is good until I *log in*... the Finder tries to access the drive, and whammo.

Go through above again.

Plug bad drive in, reboot, into Safe Boot mode, then at login, drop to console. Use diskutil command line tool to inspect drive, yup, it's beyond fsck's repair.

Erase disk and start over.

Oh, and inspection of drive #1 showed that *it* had damage *too*. 'Keys out of order'. *sigh*

Since these are my backup disks... \

So... anyone seen this? It's not the FW800 bug, since the chips in the external cases are the Oxford911s, not the 922s that were causing the issues with Panther. A quick look around the web just got me a bunch of links dealing with the FW800 issue, not one like this. (Closest one I found was one stating that a FW PCI board + USB hub caused corruption... I *do* have a USB hub, but these are the native mobo FW ports.)

Found an OWC Mercury firmware updater, but it specifically says "Not needed"... and yet they provide it... er... okay. What the hell, going to try it. (Of course it took two weeks for the first drives to get corrupted...)
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