Will I ever need another new Mac?

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I have just ordered a Duel 2.5 G5, this is to replace my ageing G3-300 which has reached it's 5th bitrthday. I cannot imagine that the 2xG5-2.5 will have such a short life.

Is this going to cause Apple long term problems with it's business model?


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    A top-of-the-line PowerMac will certainly last noticeably longer than a less-than-latest-and-greatest iMac ....

    But to think you will NEVER want to replace it ??? Unless you have been diagnosed with some diease that will limit your remaining life to less than a decade, I think it's safe to assume that this won't be the LAST Mac you buy

    The people who really NEED that computer will upgrade it sooner than the average consumer. And the average consumer who buys a PowerMac instead of an iMac just paid Apple a lot of extra money to get a computer that will last longer ... so I think their "business model" doesn't really change much.
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    idunnoidunno Posts: 645member
    It's human nature - or at least Consumer Nature.. give it time and you will want to up grade your dual g5... probably in about 7 years, who knows. I am only now looking at getting one of the new iBook's, to replace my current iMac g3 400 (just passed 4 yrs old)

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    addisonaddison Posts: 1,185member
    My ageing G3-300 is a B & W Power Mac!
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