I want to use ARD, but...

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Here's the story...

I bought my 70 year old computer-illiterate father-in-law an iBook at Christmas and he can browse a little and do his mail but that's about it. He calls me 5 times a week for minor crap like he's dragged something off the dock again etc.

He's on cable (that I pay for too!), it's a cheapo 256/64kbps link that's got an ethernet presentation. This plugs into my old Silver Airport (DHCP btw) and the ABS is set to NAT. This works fine.

I'm on a PB via an airport extreme (NAT'ing again - I have other machines btw) ethernet connected into an Alcatel speedtouch adsl modem (DHCP to the ABS again) with a 512/128kbps link.

Neither of us use statics.

Can I use Remote Desktop to see and control his screen (in any colour depth) over that link (I'm quite patient but not too much!) and how would I 'address' him? what about port numbers/firewalls etc. Both use Norton firewall btw.

I'd be very grateful of any help as he's driving me nuts

Thanks in advance.


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    All free.

    Install this on his mac:


    install a client such as:


    Start the sever on his mac with vnc and connect to it with the client (ip and pass needed).
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    Thanks for that, the problem I have is how to connect to his machine, as in what IP address I should connect to, what about firewalls, NATs etc.

    That's the complex bit.
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    It lets you specify a port #. Connect to the ip address labeled on the server app.
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