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Ok, so i have been using a PC for years and just bought my first apple. I love it, X11 is great, i love how the file structure is the same as linux, i love all of the linux apps that have been ported over and i love i tunes.

Ok enoughf of that i have a question. I am running Dream Weaver MX on it. It is a ibook G4 933 with 256 ram. Dream weaver gets cranks some times, just a bit slow when dealing with large php files. So if i took out the 128 chip and replaced it with a 512 do you think that would fix it or is it just the chip is too slow for the application? Oh, i also run I-Tunes, Nitro(jabber im client) Thunderbird(email client) and a few web windows at the same time.

I think that i will buy a power book in a few months when i learn more about apples but untill then i would like to get some of my money out of the i book, considering it will be donated to the gf when i get the pb.


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Hey, congrats.

    RAM is the cheapest and easiest way to speed up your machine with MacOS X (or just about any Unix derivative with a good virtual memory model). 128MB is, a bare minimum, 512 will be more than adequate for most uses.
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    agallantagallant Posts: 87member
    Yeah that is wahat i thought. I was just wondering because i know apple uses recources diffrent than a PC. It will be 640 because there is 128 built in and 128 in the only slot.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Nearly everything on an Apple nowadays is completely interchangeable with a PC, except the CPU.

    Kensington and Crucial are both really good RAM dealers with decent (if not rock bottom cheap prices).
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    Dreamweaver has always been a bit pokey on the Mac. Be a man and use BBEdit...the text editor of kings.
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