wireless router for G5 and CRT iMac

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Greetings again,

Took the plunge and purchased a discounted rev. a DP 1.8 Powermac and am very pleased thus far. Thanks to everyone here at Appleinsider who took the time to offer advice.

My old mac (a crt rev. d 333mhz iMac) will now be used solely as a surfing station.

Here's the problem.

I'd like to have a way for both systems to have accsss to the net. The iMac is currently running on OS 8.6 (upgrading to 9 wouldn't be a problem but I think Panther would be pushing it a little).

Any ideas on how to set up a wireless router for the two systems. The G5 has plenty of options but the iMac seems to have a lot of limitations. I could always turn it into a fish tank but that just doesn't seem right.




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    Get two Linksys WRT54G 802.11g wireless routers for , install the Sveasoft third-party firmware or similar. There are an abundance of non-Linksys firmwares you can use to enable hidden features in the WRT54G hardware, like transmitter power boost from 15 dBm to 19 dBm, client mode, more advanced WDS, channels 12-14, antenna selection, SSH, telnet, framebursting, etc.

    Note that the WRT54G + public Sveasoft firmware is cheaper the Linksys' own WET54G and many other "wireless ethernet bridging" solutions.

    You can find the WRT54G for about ?$70 many places like Fry's, Amazon, etc.

    The prerelease Sveasoft firmware even enables Broadcom's "Afterburner" throughput boosting tech found in the WRT54GS, which costs a little bit more. $76 at Amazon. The GS does have more flash memory for future firmware upgrade possibilities though.

    What you would basically do is upgrade both to the current/stable Sveasoft "Samahdi" firmware, set one up as the AP and connect the other one to the iMac to be used as a client/bridge.

    EDIT: Looks like Amazon raised the price on the GS version to $82.
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    That's for the great info. Sounds like a kicka$$ setup.


    p.s. I would have written sooner but my new mac needs all the attention she can get.
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    Panther will run fine on that iMac ... ESPECIALLY if you're just using it for mail and surfing and such....

    I run Panther on a iMac266 and have no problems ... the basic apps run just fine - iPhoto, iMovie, PSE are quite pokey when rendering.

    Someone makes a USB 802.11.b "card" ... i can't find it right now, but it's a little card/antenna that plugs into a USB port, then sits on your desk or wherever... gives those older iMacs "Airport" ability. (Although mine is just ethernet-ed to my Airbort BS.)
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    Airport Express.
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    Airport Express isn't available in Canada right now (Apple claims the device is "subject to regulatory approval". I'm not in any hurry to have internet access on two computers so I might just wait for it to be released.

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