Pasting in Excel problems.

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Hey people, I have recently been assigned a task of creating a database in excel that allows one to click on a hyperlink and to be taken to that page on the internet.

When I try to copy and paste a bunch of links that are in columns and rows, it pastes the information in the right colums, all correctly alligned however, the hyperlinks are completely absent. On a PC running excel under the same conditions the hyperlinks are copied perfectly. When I try to "paste special" in excel it only allows me to paste text and theirfore doesn't recognize the hyperlinks. If I drag them one at a time to the cell I want it works, but not when I do it as a group. I have to copy and paste them as a group because I have so many links to copy it would take weeks to undergo this task! I have tried using I.E 5.2, the newest version of Safari and every other browser I could find! Still nothing... I have tried CopyPaste and other utilities to no avail. I have tried both Excell in Office X and Office 2004 for Mac. I am currently working in the dungeon that is the library of this science facility. The only problem here is that the computer crashes so often that I can barely do any work down here either! On top of that the IT department is horrendous in getting anything done and seem to be on perpetual lunch breaks the myriad of times that I have to journey to see them (which is several times a day).

Is there anyone who can help me escape the drudgery of this archaic wintel dungeon and help me return to my wonderful if lone flat-panel iMac in the lab?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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    What happens if you select a cell, then under the Format menu choose Style and change the drop down box to hyperlink??
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