refurbished ibook better than advertised?

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i helped my brother order a 12 inch 800mhz G4 ibook. it was supposed to come w/ 256 ram and a 30gb harddrive. When i was helping him set everything up today when he got it, i noticed that it had 384 ram and a 40gb harddrive. has anyone else had an experience like this? im not complaining, rather plesently suprised. hell of a deal for only 779 before taxes


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    brunobruinbrunobruin Posts: 552member
    I've read several reports from folks who had the same experience. I think what Apple lists on their refurb site are the specs for the standard configurations, but the actual machines may have been CTO with additional options. It's probably more trouble for Apple to list individual machines with extra features than it's worth.
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    I bought a standard model 2x2 G5 a few months ago to use as a FileMaker Pro server for my organization. Should have shipped with a 160 Gb drive (in fact the box was marked that way) but it was delivered with a 250 Gb drive. No complaints here, though all that additional space is largely wasted...

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