Cube screen redraw problems

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We're having problems with our Cube at work ? the bottom 1/3 of the screen doesn't redraw properly. Symptoms include scrambled fonts, windows disappearing behind the background as they are dragged around etc. Also, dragging a window around will sometimes just result in dozens of that window appearing across the screen.

The cube has 256MB of RAM, and is currently running OS 9.

Does anybody have any suggestions ? or is the graphics card shagged?

Cheers guys...


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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    make sure the signal cable is intact and properly connected on both ends.

    If that is the case, try using the monitor on a different computer and see if the problem persists.

    If yes, the screen needs repairing.

    If no, it's most likely the Cube's graphics card.

    Try replacing it with another one and see if this fixes the problem.
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    I'm now thinking it's an OS thing. If I take a screenshot, and then view that screenshot on another machine, it's corrupted.

    I guess this means that the computer is telling the graphics card to display this corrupt screen? I'll try re-installing the OS at some point and report back...
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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    could still be a graphics card issue, but go ahead, install it on a different volume, if you just want to check if it's the OS or the driver, rather.
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