Essential: PDA/Pronoto style remote to drive Airport Express

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
It seems to me that a PDA/Pronto style remote control with Bluetooth seems an essential component to effectively use the iTunes/Airport Express combination. It would be able to browse iTunes playlists (in a similar way to Salling Clicker), but with a bigger screen than the standard mobile phone providing a cut doen iTunes like interface.

Could be a nice little earner for Apple.

A slight aside. I have noticed that the Apple store UK sells most of the Elgato/EyeTV products, except for the EyeHome digital media player. My thought is that Apple will fill this role themselves.


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    My guess would be something that looks a lot like an iPod as that already has a superb user-interface (hardware & software) for browsing music collections, playlists etc.

    PDAs and Pronto's both suffer because they are general purpose devices that try to do everything in software. That breaks the first rule of good user interfaces: do one thing well, rather than try to be everything to everyone.
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