iMac-like screens in TBS "Very Funny" promo? (Images)

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TBS is running a promo called Very Funny, and one of the commercials is called "Fringe One," featuring a call-center for people to try out funny lines.

The flat panel monitors all look like iMacs, but there are no hemispherical bases.

Here are some images I capped from the site.

from side

from front

Not much detail, and not much more in the commercial. Ideas?


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    g-newsg-news Posts: 1,107member
    could be a model created just for the ad. take an imac and screw it apart, use the bits that look nice...
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    ipodandimacipodandimac Posts: 3,273member
    i noticed that a while back but was too lazy to post.
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    Originally posted by ipodandimac

    i noticed that a while back but was too lazy to post.

    ahh.....but you weren't too lazy to post that you were too lazy to post

    other than the joint in the arm, i like the base, it looks like it slides way in front and the keyboard sits on top?
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    m01etym01ety Posts: 278member
    Those look interesting.

    The screens are iMac LCDs for sure...
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    shroudshroud Posts: 30member
    I guess I can see it as a transition of what trusty Nick DePlume claims the new Power Mac G5 display will be like to what the new displays could be like for a non all-in-one imac or even a new computer. Anyway, I have no idea but at least I like it. It might also explain the wait for releasing the displays for the Power Mac after it's update, don't want to spoil what else is in the bag right.


    Instead of the new displays sitting on two legs as part of the overall frame as they do now, the new design will support itself on a single, centered pedestal similar to the back support on current models. The display itself will be supported by an adjustable back hinge that will allow it to move vertically and float some three inches or more off of the desk surface.

    Think Secret

    Personally what I would like is a small cheap terminal with that screen placed all around the house and that has a keyboard and mouse included or optional. The terminals could be connected to a main house or office computer or server via apple's new remote desktop 2. It would save me from buying so many laptops.

    PS... Does anyone here remember a screen mock up that happened shortly after January (I believe) and was in my opinion one really sexy idea. It was a sleek aluminum LCD with a blue LED on it. Sorry it's so vague, if i could remember more I wouldn't ask for help now would I. ;
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    applenutapplenut Posts: 5,768member

    Originally posted by m01ety

    Those look interesting.

    The screens are iMac LCDs for sure...

    no. they aren't.
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    jccbinjccbin Posts: 476member
    Did someone hear something?

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    m01etym01ety Posts: 278member

    Originally posted by applenut

    no. they aren't.

    My, that was highly convincing. Why aren't they? Take a look at the white bezel, surrounded by a clear plastic bezel. Observe their proportions and compare them with those of the 15" iMac LCDs.

    Even if they are not identical, they are undeniably similar.
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