FIREWIRE Conflict HELP??!!??

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FIREWIRE Conflict HELP??!!??

I have this real bad firewire conflict between two hardware pieces (Powercore firewire & Motu 896HD). I can't use the two of them together. When I try my computer crashes. I have been on the OS X Forum about it and no one has answered. Got in touch with tech support of the two vendures in question and one came up with the idea to get another firewire card to have it on another buss.

Aren't we supposed to be able to daisy-chain firewire without problems???

Am I going to have to get another firewire card without really knowing$$$ when I shouldn't?? have to.

NOTE: I have the lates drivers for everything in my system.

Please someone out there get back to me.


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    I am not sue if this is what you want to hear but..... This is from their web site.

    Can I connect other FireWire devices to my PCI-324/424 card audio wire slots?

    While we use a FireWire cable to connect MOTU Audio Hardware to the PCI-324/424 card we use our own protocol for communication called AudioWire. You can only connect MOTU Audio Hardware to your PCI-324/424 card.

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    inukshukinukshuk Posts: 56member
    Hi reg

    Thanks for replying. I tried your link and all I got was Record can not be found.

    Also my two firewire units are connected on the Macs firewire ports. Do you actually think it could work if I pluged it into the 424 card?? As mentioned it's not the same protocol.
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    I just tried the link also and got the no record found. Glad I put what was on the link in my first response. As for connecting them in a daisy chain that will not work. It looks like a nice piece of equipment but from what I have read of the reviews the mac software is not very stable.

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    Which reviews?

    It might help me in making a decision on what to do. By another firewire card or sell my Powercore firewire and get the PCI Powercore instead??

    Very frustrating situation.

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