printer driver epson 680 for PANTHER???

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Does anyone know a driver for the Epson 680 inkjet for PANTHER?

Thanks for looking




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    Don't waste your time. Didn't you hear? Inkjet printers are now disposable. Well, it costs almost as much to replace the ink cartridges than to replace the printer. An $80 printer of today is much better than a $300 printer of a few years ago. I've found that the new HP's beat the pants off Epson as well. Treat yourself!
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    You could be right there Michael, I'm actually enquiring for a friend, she has just put in a new cartridge.

    It would be good if she would be able to at least use up this cartridge, then buy a new printer.

    So, if anybody has a workaround please let me know.


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    amaroneamarone Posts: 75member
    Try Gimp-Print.

    My Epson 790 works fine with it.
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    Thanks a lot amarone.

    I've downloaded it and will check it out this week.


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