wanted: Wireless IPOD for the home....

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Ok...I love my IPOD....in the car and at the gym! What I don't love is my IPOD at home. I have all my music on my PC and can play it just fine when I am on my pc. But I want it everywhere in my house. Having it stream off my computer is ok with me, having to GO TO MY PC to change the music is not ok. YES...I am a couch potato...it is hard getting 230lbs off my soothing leather couch!

The airport express seems like a steping stone to something greater. I always do a ton of research before I buy any technology. I waited a year for the IPOD, and it has proven to be the best! Now, I want something where I can control my music easily anywhere in the house. The Airport Express seems to fall way short!

The only thing I have found so far is something called a zone player and controller from Sonos www.sonos.com as it was mentioned in a few articles with the Airport Express. However, is it real, or is it just a fancy website with great photoshoped images? Why hasn't apple done something like this, or is that what they are planning? I have a hard time even considering a product from a company I haven't heard of.
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