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I have a friend with this Office jet connected to her Windoze machine and her husband with an iBook wants to print to it. The iBook is running the latest Panther. I tried to Add and new Windows Printer. The iBook sees the Windoze machine and the printer but when I go to the Printer Model pulldown there is no selection for this model. I tried a few others that are listed but all I get is blank pages with a couple of characters of jiberish on them kicking out.

I went to the HP site and they have the full software package for the mac but I just need the driver. I think I just need the appropriate .plst file. I can see all the other ones in the folder called 'HD/Library/Printers/hp/Utilities/Printer Model Data Files'

Anyone know where I can find the proper data file for this unit??

My other thought was to connect both machines to the Officejet via exteral USB hub at the same time and use the software HP provides but I don't know if that will work either because I think the printer needs to have communication with the system at all times and it would get confused. But if someone has done this let me know.




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    regreg Posts: 832member
    It is a pain to get drivers for hp. It took 2 weeks of going thru several layers of people to get the driver for the G95. According to this it is the same driver for all the G series.

    The Officejet G95 printer software can be downloaded from our web site. It uses the same software as all G series printers. To download the driver, please see the URL below:

    NOTE: It may be necessary to cut and paste the above URL into the web address bar of an Internet browser.

    Then follow the steps below to install the software:

    1. Double-click the icon labeled G_637_EN.smi.sit. This will un-stuff the HP Installer.

    2. Double-click the icon labeled G_637_EN.

    3. Double-click the HP all-in-one installer.

    4. Type the administrator password, if required.

    5. Click Accept if you agree to the terms of the license.

    6. Click Continue to stop all other applications from running. The installation will follow.

    7. Once the installation is complete, the HP Setup Assistant will appear and may ask for your password again.

    8. Click Continue for Letter paper size.

    9. Click Next.

    10. Now the Setup assistant will try to find the printer, when it does, click Next.

    11. Enter your personal information.

    12. Continue to follow the prompts until the Setup Assistant completes.

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    ronzronz Posts: 7member
    Hi Reg, Thanks for the reply. Those instructions sound just what I've done from the stuff I downloaded from HP. Is this different software than what HP has on their site??

    Will it find the printer across a network, connected to a windows machine??

    I'll certainly give it a try, just want to make sure the question you answered was the same one I asked :-)

    Thanks, I'll post the results.
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    ebbyebby Posts: 3,110member
    I have a Officejet G85 and I tried to install that software on my G5 and Pismo. It is a horrible piece of software that never did work right. Not only would it not print right, but it would disrupt normal computer usage too. I highly recommend anything else, but not that software. Maybe you could try Gimp Print?
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    regreg Posts: 832member
    My office jet is connected to a G5 by the usb. With that we can see and use it. None of the windoze machines on our network have anything connected to them. The kids only use them for games or surfing. I tried Gimp and I could not get all the functions working, it is an all in one. I have gotten it to work with all the macs on the network. Hp software is flaky and I would not have used this except I got the G95 for free.

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    ronzronz Posts: 7member
    I thought GIMP print was for Jaguar and that it wasn't needed with Panther. Am I wrong?

    I know I will loose the functionality of the scanning and faxing using Gimp or anytime I print to it through a windows machine. That's ok, they just want to be able to print to it.

    I'll go do some research on GIMP print.

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    ronzronz Posts: 7member
    Reg, that software is the same stuff I already installed. It won't work for a printer connected to a windows machine. It only works with USB direct connected or IP connected (print server) setups. It can not find a printer that is connected to a windows machine.

    Guess I'll try the Gimp route.
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