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in Mac Software edited January 2014
I've been a PC person my whole life...just recently purchased an iMac. Looking to install Webshots and then use it to set my background (like I do on my Dell)...but it doesn't want to work!

I think the problem might be in my misunderstanding of the install process...then again it could be anything

Anyone out there use Webshots?


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    you can use iPhoto to set your desktop, you can also go into system preferences>desktop & screensavers to do it.

    i just looked at the free version of webshots and had no trouble downloading it. and it installed fine.
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    when you download a picture off webshots, its in a crazy file format, compressed, and unreadable by any other programs (unless someone has used iPhoto to see them?)

    the downloading isnt a problem...right after i download it, and the icon appears under Applications, does that mean it's installed? or do i need to run the installer that showed up on the desktop? i've tried it already, and it didn't fix my problem

    superkarate, have you been able to set your background image using webshots?

    thanks for the reply
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