External DVD for iBook

in General Discussion edited January 2014
This post sort of crosses topic boundaries, so I thought I would give General Discussion a try.

I recently bought an iBook with combo drive. I decided I would get a DVD writer for my PC desktop later (to save money and to get a faster writer).

Anyway, I am now considering whether I can use a 5.25" firewire case I picked up recently to house a DVD writer so I can share the device between my PC and my iBook.

1. The case is supposed to support DVD writers, but can I use an external writer like this with my iBook?

2. I was thinking about the Pioneer 107/A07 - is this a good choice? I heard there would be a firmware upgrade to dual-layer burning - is that correct?

3. I heard there is a hack for iDVD which will allow burning to external drives, can anyone point me to it? Alternatively, I have Toast now, will that work? Can I create an image in iDVD and burn it with Toast?

The iBook does recognise the Firewire case when it has a hard drive installed in it. I presume the DVD burner would work the same. Will it appear as a firewire drive, or will it work like the internal Combo drive and only appear on the desktop when a disk is inserted?


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