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I'm new and a current PC owner. ALL THE MORE REASON FOR YOU TO HELP ME!

I'm off to uni in September and wanting to get a laptop for my halls of residence. I use my computer for music and entertainment stuff, web surfing, word processing and the occasional bit of music recording.

I've currently got an iPod but iTunes really doesn't get on well with my PC.

I was thinking of going for the 12" iBook G4.

and adding

512mb of RAM

Airport card

Is this a good move? Anything to watch out for? Anything else I might need?

Thanks for any help you can give me



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    adamradamr Posts: 72member
    I bought a 12" G4 1GHz iBook two weeks ago and I love it.

    I got the extra 512 RAM and Airport Express and Bluetooth.

    If you have, or think you might ever have a bluetooth phone, don't miss getting this internally, because you can't add the internal module later.

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