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Is anyone else having this problem:

I've disabled channels that I don't watch from my favorites listing (cspan 2,

pay-per-view, & etc.) For some reason though certain channels keep

coming back ( gem shopping channel, celebrity shopping channel & the

gay & lesbian adult pay-per-view channel.) That last one is the most

irritating because of trying to explain to friends that the tivo keeps

unlocking that channel.

I've spoken to directv tech support with no help at all from them. Does

anyone have any ideas of how to permanently block channels.


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    shagstlmshagstlm Posts: 112member
    I don't think that you can totally block them...but you can (like you discribed) have it not show them...I find that after a couple of months i have to go back thorugh and re check the "channels I recieve" thing because they either re-activate them or they add new crap that I don't want like 200 games of baseball a day and other crap like that...sorry i don't think there is an easy solution...
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    mellomello Posts: 555member
    I've got a bunch of other channels that I have blocked that stay blocked,

    (oxygen, lifetime, most of the music channels, & the pay-per-views). It's

    mainly those three that keep coming back & like I mentioned before in my

    first post, they come back a day or two later.
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