Printing From Windows XP On An Airport Network?

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I currently run a wireless network with my airport extreme base station. Attached to the base station is a laser printer. I am trying to print wirelessly from my Windows XP machine, however, I am unable to get Windows to recognize such a printer on the network.

I've managed to network and share files between the two machines (OSX and XP) and my documents print great wirelessly from my Powerbook machine. However, I just can't get it working for XP printing.

Any help? Any third-party software utilities that might be needed? I looked up help in OS X but I was never able to get Windows XP to recognize a printer on the network.




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    I don't know what to tell you, except that you SHOULDN'T need any 3rd party stuff.

    My printer is plugged into my iMac, but I can print to it over airport from my iBook AND an XP machine. I never really had to "set up" anything... once I got the XP machine configured into the network, everything worked fine... the printer and the macs just showed up in 'My network places" (or whatever it's called). The only caveat is, they have to be on and awake to show up.

    It doesn't sound like I've given you much help, but at least you know it SHOULD work
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    First off what kind of printer is it? Also, do you know if the driver for the printer can be found under printers in osx. What I mean is for example if you have a MFC 3330 from HP do you see it if you go to add a new printer and you choose HP? That kind of thing.

    If you do then it's most likely just a matter of setting up the printer on xp. I am assuming you did the windows XP portion correctly if you have a doubt let me know and I will tell you exactly what to do.
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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    Maybe this will help?
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    If you go to \\\\*Computernameonnetwork*, it should show the shared files and the printers. You can choose to install new printer and give it the path of \\\\*Computernameonnetwork*\\*Printername*
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