iBook slow after logic board replacement!

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We sent my wife's G3 900MHz 12inch iBook in on Monday for the Logic Board replacement. They told us that the wait time was 14 to 20 days! Well to our surprise we got it back on Friday! I reloaded the whole machine and all is good but my wife says that the machine seems to run much slower than before. Any tips?


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    randycat99randycat99 Posts: 1,919member
    Have you done a disk scan for permissions verification/repair? Couldn't hurt to also boot off the install disk so you can run a proper disk verification/repair scan.
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    Make sure you have the same amount of RAM in it...
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    You might want to check your System Profiler. When I sent in my old 700 Mhz iBook in for repair in December, it came back with a 600 Mhz motherboard.
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    Where would it say what motherboard it has?
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    In the Apple System Profiler, Hardware Overview heading...

    Check CPU Speed and Memory readings and make sure they both match what you had before you sent it in.
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