Cannot update iTunes to 4.6???

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Apple is now enforcing iTunes updates if you want to download music, even if you do not need or want the new features. My wifes flat panel iMac has 10.3.4 installed and iTunes 4.0.1. To purchase a new song, iTunes prompts her to upgrade to iTunes 4.6 before she can download another song.

I have downloaded 4.6 several times, run the installation, reboot, etc... and iTunes will not update!!!???

What is going on here. Why can't I update iTunes?



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    arondalearondale Posts: 41member
    I found the solution.

    The only thing that worked was to put the iTunes app into the trash bin, run the 4.6 installer, and launch iTunes. The library, playlists, and purchased music all stayed in place. The only think I had to do was enter my password to update music once. That's it.

    I hope this helps if any of you have problems updating.

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