Anyone from Norwich UK?

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Not too sure if this post is in the right place or if it is allowed - but figured appleoutsider is the rightest place there is.

Basically I wanted to point out that if you live in or around Norwich (Norfolk, United Kingdom) that there is a local 2600 group - see or

Its an informal meeting of people who are into computers/computing (hardware and software) or other technologies and learning/exploiting/hacking these.

Its a pretty cool group but not many people turn up right now (max of about 10 I think) and I thought there might be some mac users here that would be interested in the group.

So far there's about 3 linux users (myself included and 3 mac users (myself included also!) so theres a fair mix and not all talk is windows related I assure you.

Its meets in Norwich, in front of "The Learning Shop" near the Millenium Library, in the Forum - every friday at 5.30ish and every saturday at 2pm ish. People usually wait for about 10-15mins after the above time in case anyone is late.

Hope this inspires someone to come along.
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