Migrating from Appletalk to SMB

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Currently, I have six MAC clients connecting to a Windows 2000 server. They have been using Appletalk for the past 2 years, and recently with the upgrade to Panther, they have noticed a major slowdown with Appletalk.

I have done everything from seeding the network with an appletalk router to numerous defrags etc. The issue is, I need to move them off of Appletalk to Samba, (here's the catch) preserving image previews. I know that this can be done if the files are copied in the following sequence ( AFP Share --> Local Disk --> SMB Share ) This would be acceptable, except for the fact that we are talk 650+ gigs of photography.

Now I know folks will tell me stick with appletalk, but it is killing productivity and frankly I would love to take it off of my network completely. Any help in automating this process, or other users experiences would greatly help.
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