Do They All Do This, Or Is It Just Me?

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I have some odd behaviour with my PowerBook 15. I use an external Logitec wireless mouse on this computer. I'm mobile a lot, and as such I try not to power down so I use the sleep feature, mostly by simply shutting the lid. Trouble is, after shutting the lid and putting the system to sleep, if I unplug the wireless mouse dongle from the USB port, the Mac wakes up, even though the lid is closed. I've tested this by using the menu to put the Mac to sleep and pulling the USB plug, and same thing.

Is this normal or is there some sort of hidden setting to tell the machine to ignore USB changes after going to sleep?

Obviously my workaround is to pull the mouse dongle before putting it to sleep, but this is one of those things where Macs are different than Pee Cees, since my Pee Cee laptop ignores all USB changes when it is asleep.




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    kraig911kraig911 Posts: 912member
    don't worry about it. I believe its just waking up to notice and change its settings so not to send power to the usb device.
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