G5 Expose Video Capture...

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Does anyone have or remember seeing that video capture someone had of their G5 performing an amazing Expose demonstration. I have a PC buddy who is curious to see what Expose can do with a G5.

Would someone mind sending me that video?


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    Heavens to Betsy, there's a QT video there... m.
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    No, while that is the Apple video from apple.com it is no the video someone posted at AI of their 1.8 GHz G5 burning through Expose.
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    Just search for the thread and Personal message the person will be quicker.

    Better yet take your friend to an Apple store and use one of there Macs looks better in real life with many windows in several apps open !

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    Originally posted by NittanyLionTosh

    Would someone mind sending me that video?

    Are you talking about this one?
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    Talking of Expose in action... I tried it the other day on my mate's 12' Powerbook with 100 MS Word files open ... it struggled a bit but still worked!

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