Is there more to Tiger than meets the eye?!?!?

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In talking with people at Apple, I beleive that there is much more to come from Tiger than was shown. Keep in mind these guys have at least a year to "finish" it. I am hearing rumblings about alot of relly cool new technologies that Apple did not review because they are not ready to let the "competition" know about, i.e. Xgrid built into the OS for the masses with more than 1 CPU at home (imagine something like "SETI@home" for iDVD, Final Cut Pro, etc) and 1 click activation.

Anyone else hear about any other technologies that were not previewed, yet?


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,425member
    Well the keynote was nice but it focused primarily on new tech that had available SDKs. There is still a lot of potential info to flesh out over the course of several months.

    We still don't know

    How Quicktime is going to integrate with the new Core Image and Video API

    What networking changes will be made beyond an improvement of SMB. Notice that OSX Server does Ethernet Link Aggregation now.

    Will there be further Audio changes? I expect for Apple to keep relatively quiet on things that they can change without breaking 3rd party apps.

    Panther had a lot of little tweaks that made people happy but were never mentioned at WWDC 2003. Tiger is going to be the same. More fluid in areas that need it and more powerful in areas that require it.

    When Tiger is finally ready to roar it's going to be a helluva update and unlike Panther I expect to see Tiger ready apps before it even ships thanks to this long lead time.
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