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Has anyone tried it yet?

^direct link from real's site


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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member

    Originally posted by badtz

    Has anyone tried it yet?

    ^direct link from real's site

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    etharethar Posts: 111member's awesome. Get it.
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    talksense101talksense101 Posts: 1,737member
    It broke comedy central's videos for me.
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    kennethkenneth Posts: 832member
    Somehow.. I like this version. However, I don't watch any real encoded streaming video anymore.

    It plays QT movie quite good.
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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    For Real it's actually awesome. The new look might even make a nice OS X Theme. Actually has Mac features like Rendezvous and plays QT. Due credit. The only thing that QT-7 and H.264 will make them obsolete.
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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    Went to their website to check it out.

    Looks like another case of a web designer making things way too complex. Screenshots? Nah... but go ahead and navigate around in circles (sort of) for a while before giving up on their convoluted site.
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    gsxrboygsxrboy Posts: 565member
    Wow does this thing work well ! A site I visit that streams either wmv or rm was only usefull as wmv (realplay9 just didnt work at all), but this new version gives a much much better picture then winmedia playa !! and uses less bandwidth too ! Soooo much better to use than the M$ junk !
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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    can someone post a screen shot of the new real player?
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    jdradenjdraden Posts: 89member
    Here's a screenshot. It has a cool looking browser window, too.

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