DVD Player glitch

in Mac Software edited January 2014
When I launch my DVD player and try to play a DVD I get these green lines and dots all over the screen. It's like some kind of green noise (kinda reminds me of Matrix :-). I have a G5 with Apple 20" display. It doesn't happen on my iMac. Only on my G5. Could be monitor related? If anyone has experienced the same please advise.


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    ionyzionyz Posts: 491member
    Had (have) the same problem on a Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio) with a Radeon 9800. ATI released a fix for retail card owners but IIRC 10.3.4 broke it again. Using other DVD players like VLC is always an option.

    Your iMac won't be effected because it uses an Nvidia GPU.
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