OS X technology ??"s

in macOS edited January 2014
I have some questions on the tech of some of tiger's Core technologies, and of panthers quartz extreme.

One of the main questions is does it matter how fast a graphics chip is as long as it meets the min req for quartz or core. Will a 9000 chip run quartz and the core effects just as smooth and as quick as lets say the 6800 from Nvidia?

Is quartz, and core video/image almost alike there both visual effects on screen that are using the GPU to power there needs, correct? . Could Core image be used for speical effects (like the widgets opening in tiger) with'in the OS, or is that what is probably already happening?

In any of panther or tiger, is the cpu being used for any visual transformation. or is (everything) being done by the GPU? and after being processed in the GPU, does anything need to be inputed to the CPU or is it directly ouputed to the display?


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