iTMS purchases and multiple coomputers

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I have both a mac and PC at home, and recently made several purchases on the authorized PC. Is there any way to get those songs onto my Mac without networking them or burning the tunes to disc? Like an auto update feature or something?

I tried clicking the "Check for purchased music" option under advanced in iTunes, but it just tells me all purchased songs have been downloaded, even though those songs aren't all on my current computer...


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Correct, it's based on your account, not on the computer you may be logged in to at the moment.

    You have to authorize the Mac to access the PC iTunes songs, and network them. :/

    At least, that's the official way. You can also put them on an iPod, and simply plug it in to the Mac, and play off of it. Another official way.

    Or you can use one of the DRM-stripping tools out there that may or may not work based on the version of iTunes you're using now, the version used when you downloaded, and which computer you're on. No, I don't know which tools or where to get them.
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