External firewire HD speed question

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I have a question.

I have a little firewire self powered HD case for a 2.5" HD from a notebook. I also have a 40 gig hard drive (4200 speed) from a laptop. What I was thinking was If I set that up as a boot disk so I can boot from it on my laptop (Powerbook G4 667) & my desktop (Powermac G4 single 1.25). I know it will be slower that my desktop (which has a 7200 RPM speed Hard Drive). But would it be any slower than my internal 4200 RPM Hard drive on my lap top?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    Should be fine. But make sure your OS is up to date. That old FireWire bug would suck to have if you unplug accidentally...then you'd lose the disk.

    You'd be better off using the disk for backup only (really just a shuttle, not an archive. A proper archive is never transported.).

    But you could throw a system on there, be nice to have as a backup drive.
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    I've been using my iBook for months running off an external 7200 rpm FireWire drive (the internal drive died). Haven't had any problems at all.
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