iPod No Longer A Switcher Vehicle...

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Well, hearing this is old news, but I just read this.

And a few weeks ago Jobs said the iPod was no longer a vehicle for switching users...

A contradiction?

Granted, "The Barrow" isn't a source like Steve Jobs is, but it is interesting nonetheless.

With Mac OS X users now edging 12 million, has the iPod actually started a trend of Switchers?, or is this just propaganda to fill a weekly column?

Perhaps Apple should keep waiting for when people actually want to buy a new computer, and seriously consider a Macintosh? Many Windows users have computers that will be doing them fine for now, so would we be seeing Switchers? come from the Dark Side? over time?

Just food for thought. m.


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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member
    When Apple ported iTunes/iPod over to Windows that put an end to any "switcher" plans. SJ said there are more Windows users of iTunes/iPod, and of course, that makes sense since that is 95% of the marketplace.

    The war was over a long, long time again. The mindset of Apple "fans" and the analyst bunch must accept that and accept Apple for what it is. An innovative, niche player. Eventually, even the iPod will diminish in popularity (Sony didn't dominate the "Walkman" business forever). That's the way it is.
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    crazychestercrazychester Posts: 1,339member
    I don't think the porting of iPod/iTunes to windows necessarily spelt the end to any switcher plans. Steve often talk with forked tongue so you can't believe everything he might say. It seems like there are more switchers about than in the past but how would you know for sure? I like to think Apple has accepted that they are a niche company but I still hope they're trying to boost sales a bit because 3% market share is sailing a bit close to the wind IMO. I always liked that 10% figure - not totally outlandish, a comfortable size but not so big they morph into a MS.

    And I still think putting the SW in front of Windows people is one of the best baits they can offer. Gotta wonder whether porting Safari to Windows might not be such a bad idea.
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    I've thought of this as well, and I sometimes wonder if a Windows version of iPhoto wouldn't be a big hit for the other side?

    Of course, now that it's no longer free - and comes bundled with the iLife stuff - not sure how you could do it in a way that would let Windows people get it free and easy without pissing off your Mac base.

    But, in ongoing conversations with my Mom and some of her friends (who all have digital cameras and pretty nice photo inkjets by Canon and HP), their biggest stumbling block is indeed that easy, graceful way to import, organize, store, print, e-mail, build-a-webpage, etc. solution.

    When I show these people iPhoto on my PowerBook, they ask "cool...where do I go to get that...that's EXACTLY what I want!"

    If there something comparable on the PC side, I'm not aware...and they don't seem to be either. Digital photography is only getting more popular, and digital cameras are getting into the hands of EVERYONE now. I'd love to see Apple say "well guess what...we'll show you a better method than you're used to on photos too...".

    Safari? Sure, that too. Maybe figuring that music, photography and surfing are the three main things most consumers do on their computers? Or, if not THE three, certainly up there in the top six! And I never talk to ANYONE - Mac or PC - who is genuinely nuts about Internet Explorer.

    But if I had to pick one, it would be iPhoto. A genuine hole exists, and people like my Mom and her friends would use it CONSTANTLY. Apple could simply build some subliminal visual messages in there, however, saying stuff like "this would all be much more fun on a Mac, you know" and "if you like this, imagine how well we do other stuff". You know, things like that.

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