Looking for old G4s...

in General Discussion edited January 2014
If you are interesting in selling your old G4, I need a couple.

I am looking for Graphite G4s ("Sawtooth", etc), preferably 400 MHz, dual 450 MHz or 500 MHz. I need them for test servers. As long as they have AGP graphics, FireWire, USB and a 10/100 NIC, I am happy. The more RAM the better. I prefer the G4s to be in decent physical shape, and they need to be able to POST and boot (duh). In other words, I need working G4s, not skeletons. I dont need keyboards, mice, OEM disks, or Apple's extra goodies. I just need the box. Blank hard drives are fine, as long as they are intact and operable.

I might even buy an old Blue and White G3 if the price is right.

Think about it...


Contact me via email so we can wheel and deal.

[email protected]
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