email notification?

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i did a brief search on google. i'm looking for a plug-in that will let me see if someone gets a mail that i send. email programs in the old days did this. any reccomendations?

i guess it's called a "read receipt"

anyone ever use this?


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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member
    Yeah, Netscape used to have this...and for the longest time I used it until one of my friends said, "hey, why do we have to tell our computer that we got your mail before we can read it?".


    So, unlike AOL, it seems that there wasn't a "silent and invisible" way of finding out if someone had opened my mail.

    I doubt that it is possible at all unless you ARE on a closed-system like AOL.

    Anyone else?
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    There are a couple different "standard" headers that can be used to request a return receipt: "Disposition-Notification-To" and "Return-Receipt-To". If the new will let you add custom headers, you can always put those in on the messages for which you would like a return receipt.

    Unfortunately, support in email clients varies quite a bit, and even where it is supported, the recipient can choose to turn it off or simply not respond. In the interest of privacy, it is probably for the best that it is like that.
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    jlljll Posts: 2,709member

    Originally posted by burningwheel

    anyone ever use this?

    That works.
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