The MHZ myth put to rest?

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Recently ran CineBench 2003 on both my iMac (17" w/GeForce4MX) and PC systems, both running 1ghz CPU's. (see below for specs) Even though the 4 year old PC is running a GeForce 2MX 32MB(4xAGP), 100MHZ system bus, and PC133 Ram, it blew the iMac away in CineBench:

iMac PC

CPU score = 88 121

CHD Shading = 115 113

OpenGL SW = 271 513

OpenGL HW = 131 649

Still very happy with my iMac as a general purpose/light gaming computer, but what in the world possessed Apple to put a 2xAGP bus in it? (something I didn't know until after I had it for a while) Even the slight expense of 4xAGP would make a world of difference in video speed...


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    existenceexistence Posts: 991member
    Actually, it has nothing to do with 2x AGP. The G4 processor simply pathetic at 3D and other FPU intensive tasks, especially compared to Athlons. I don't recommend anyone buy a Mac with a G4 in it.

    You'll find similar results here.

    Poor-performing video drivers are also a culprit.
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    I just had the chance to use a 700mhz g4 imac and was very impressed that a 2+ year old mac could keep up with our 1 year old dell 2.0 ghz, simpley amazed, cant wait to get some real life (nonn-retail store) G5 time

    used photoshop, IE (which realy blows) and safari (seems a lot like firefox) some iApps M$ word X, all on panther(LOVE EXPOSE) and it simpley smoked my 800 mhz xp box and was slightly faster than our 2 ghz unit.

    I beleve that it has little to do with the chip and far more to do with the superior OS, unix and the apple tech on top of it, simpley smokes windows.
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    unixmacunixmac Posts: 65member
    See my post in the dual 2.5 Ghz benchmark thread about this very subject.
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