G5 Audio Clicks and Buzzing Gone *HOW TO FIX IT

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
TIP: Not into High End Audio? Just want your speakers to sound clean? Go get yourself a 3-prong to 2 prong converter (you know, like the kind you have to use on older plug-ins) and plug it into your speakers (not your G5, you want that puppy properly grounded) and voila! Clean as whisle. It only cost you around $0.99 cents.

Now play all of the music and games that were muddied up before, heck just sit there in silence with the volume all the way up.

I can't guarantee that it will work with everyone's setup but it works with mine and I have a pair of Monsoon satellites with a sub hooked up to my G5 through the audio output mini plug. I have absolutely no buzzing or clicking coming from my speakers and I DON'T have the NAP feature enabled on the CHUD tools.

It is absolutely silent at full volume with nothing playing! Give it a try it may work for you too.

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